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Racing Games

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Racing Games Empty Racing Games

Post by Ultra on Fri 17 Jan 2014, 21:14

Anybody who's into this? Laughing
I've got myself a G27 just to play race games as I never liked'm with a keyboard or controller.
Here's what I('ve) play(ed) so far;
- F1 2013 (which is hard as fuck, but I just LOVE the sound smashing through my 5.1 system Very Happy)
- Dirt 3 (Awesome game, I love it! It's always a little ruff to get used to it, but once I am I love it and it goes smoothly well! I always play with full gear btw, not auto shifting or such)
- Need For Speed Most Wanted (tried it for a few minutes, just didn't like it at ALL... This game's more of a controller game imo..)
Sega Rally (the typical carnival-racer from the 90's, but then in new graphics. Fun game but it was fun on the carnival.. Don't really feel the need to play it a lot now)

That's my list so far... I've been searching around for more fun and interesting games, hoping to find more. If anybody got some titles.. Throw'm at me Laughing
I'm having a doubt about getting Grid 2 (as I read/heard it was without shifting gear) and actually thinking about Truck Simulator or something in the future as that game now supports both G27 AND the Oculus Rift, which actually sounds pretty nice!

Also recently 'discovered' Project Cars. This game isn't released yet, though I tweeted them to ask if there's a demo available. This game was used at CES to show 3x 4K monitors run on a setup with 4x GTX Titans. It looked really awesome, so my screen threw some interest straight into my brain.


Racing Games Kipkebab92
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