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Kingdom Under Fire 2

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Kingdom Under Fire 2

Post by rush001 on Sat 12 Jul 2014, 13:23

This game is currently open only for Singapore and Malaysia but is being planned to be released to EU soon.

Meanwhile however, you can go to use a proxy IP from Singapore or Malaysia to play.

Anywhore,  it's an RPG, RTS mmorpg where you can have a capture and claim an area which is persistent and i hear you could also biuld you own Nation. Combat system is a lot better than what you get in a mmorpg. There are "basically" two modes:
- normal MMORPG, where you go do some quests- kill wolves, bring some herbs etc
- RTS-ish mode, where you can fight along with your troops or command them to do things like in an RTS

So basically, when you go PVP, you and your troops fight with them and their troops. 
I think defending and siege-ing others bases or what ever would be epic compared to other MMORPGs   


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