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Open Courses

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Post by rush001 on Thu 27 Mar 2014, 21:27

Recently, I have registered in quite a few so-called "open courses". They are basically distance learning. All materials provided online and generally free. Some offer ID-verified certificates. Also known as Massively Online Open Courses or something like that. (looks like "MASSIVE ONLINE" is a massive hit recently)

so, what are the courses about? just about any field of study ( IT being the only field i am interested in, phark the rest Very Happy).

What's so good about it? Many recognized universities around the world inlcuding Harvad, MIT and Oxford seem to have joined in the bandwagon. Did i mention they are free? Now i don't know about you but a couple of years earlier, i would KILL for a chance like that. I couldn't pursue further education as I had to support my family financially. The only free courses you got at that time was pages upon pages of text on their ad supported websites.

Now that I've found out loads of universities offering these courses, I am going to suck the hell out of each and every software course on the internet Tongue


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