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Post by rush001 on Mon 17 Mar 2014, 02:32


Yes. Another MOBA.. The only difference between this and all other MOBAs is Deadbreed has gone really bold. 

Your champion/hero actually EQUIPS the item you buy and the playstyle changes accordingly too.

Armors, weapons are reflected on the champion/hero 's skin.


Apparently for people who want to play MOBA but dont like the very competitive and rage-prone nature of the genre.
It's basically a simplified MOBA. They used to say LoL is the easiest MOBA. Wait till they play this one lol. Apart from other small changes, the main difference you'll find is that LAST HITTING is not as big a deal.  Only half of the gold you get from minion kills goes to you, rest is given to your lane partner or divided among your teammates.  So, support champs are free to hit the creeps yay!


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