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Rules For Joining

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Rules For Joining Empty Rules For Joining

Post by Ultra on Wed 18 Dec 2013, 16:46


You made it here so far but there are still things to do. Please take your time reading this because ignoring this post may cause you serious problems in joining our clan.

Recruitment Requierments

- Every member must be a regular player in our servers.
- You must always watch your behavior.
- Try to catch events or scrims when you're requested to.
- Joining multiple clans isn't allowed.
- Stay active on the forums.
- We request to have a reasonably skill in English to make sure we can all talk with eachother.
- If you don't use the applicationform, your application will be denied.

Recruitment Process
We're always recruiting. To join us you must post your own application.
Once you've placed your application, our members will cast votes based on your activity, your behaviour and activity across the forums. Firstly we'll vote to give you Trial. When you get trial we'll keep a close eye on you to see whether you keep your behaviour decent and whether you stay active. Based on that we'll either give you membership or take away your trial.

To start your joining process, you must fill in an application form.
This form can be found here but for your ease, we'll post it here too. Continue reading and you shall find the application form.

Membership probation
We request our members and trialists to join clan meetings and events whenever they can. Not only for activity, but also to create a better atmosphere between all the members.

Respect everybody! This is one of our most important rules. We are a family. Family sticks together, no matter what.
This rule counts for the forums, the server, teamspeak, everywhere.
Whether you're a member, trialist or admin, you're representing Clan of Death.
If we do notice that you're hacking, disrespecting others or misusing (admin) powers, the consequences will follow!

We fully understand that life comes before gaming. If you need a break or if you're leaving the clan due to circumstances, we only request that you let us know by making a post in the correct section.
If you're going to be inactive, make a topic in this section. If you've decided to leave the clan, let us know in this section.

Tips to upgrade your chance on receiving trial/membership
- Be active on servers and forums.
- Respect others (including no insulting and such).
- If you've got suggestions, share them.
- If you see hackers, report them.
- Join in as much as you can on clan meetings and events.

Application form
As said earlier, here's your application form.
In the code is the empty version; you copy/paste this to your application post.
You fill it in, as shown in the example underneath.

Note: The things noted with * MUST be filled in



[b]*Reffered to CoD by:[/b]
[b]*How much do you rage:[/b]
[b]What other games do you play:[/b]

[b]A little more about yourself/Additional Information[/b]



*Name: Kevin
*Nickname: Ultra/WaxWeazle
*Age: 21
*Nationality: Belgian

Xfire: dahultrapro
Steam: ultraah
Battlelog: Mr_Ultraah
Skype: /

*Reffered to CoD by: Xhizzy (back in the days)
*How much do you rage: Sometimes.
What other games do you play: I have but don't play (these at the moment) CS:GO, COD4.

A little more about yourself/Additional Information
I'm a music fan 'till death, I can't live a day without it. I'm a true gamer since I was young!
If you have questions you can always ask me!

*Password: Battlefield4Restart

To make sure that people who want to join us read this topic, we include a password in the Application form. The password is in this topic and will be changed from time to time. This shows to us that you really are interested in joining and thus took the time to read through this topic.

The password for now is Battlefield4Restart

You've made it to the end of the post.
All that rests now is for us, admins, to wish you good luck on your application!
We hope to see yours posted soon!

Good luck,
The =|CoD|= Admin team.


Rules For Joining Kipkebab92
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