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Post by Ultra on Fri 29 Nov 2013, 12:48

You just get fucked in the ass without any goddamn reason..

Need to download couple of files from 'Rapidgator'.
Free, max speed -> 50 kbps. Files of 1 GB each. 50 kbps -> 50x60 = 3000kb/minute -> 3000x60 = 180.000 kb/hour.
1 GB -> 1048576 kb.
1048576 kb / 180.000 kb -> 5.825, aka almost 6 hours to download 1 file, with about 2 hours waiting in between each file.

I use JDownloader, which makes it easier (as it downloads automatically and 'waits for you', but still...
This is just to fuck people in the ass with a cactus...


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