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Terms of use - Forum Admin [W.I.P.]

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Terms of use - Forum Admin [W.I.P.] Empty Terms of use - Forum Admin [W.I.P.]

Post by Rawrplus (Skillzy) on Tue 08 Feb 2011, 19:37

Congratulations on your new status as a Forum Admin! This is a very important and responsible position. You are responsible for making sure our house rules are maintained and that the forum is organized and friendly for everyone. Here are a few guidelines to guide you through your duties and responsibilities:

Forum Moderation:
- The most common job of a forum admin is to make sure the forum users are adhereing to the house rules.
- Encourage users to join in on discussions.
- Encourage users to maintain forum-friendly attitude: reduce repeatitive posting, spams, harassment, bullying etc;
- Address to users' concerns; they are ideally posted in "Questions" or "Suggestions" sections.

Forums Styling and Layout:
- We like occasional changing of layout and themes but do seek for other members' opinions before you do anything drastic. A lot of work is put by other admins into a look that the forum has. Respect their efforts.
- If somebody complains about layout or styling issues, look into it or pass it on to other members who can.

Usergroups and Ranks
- Usergroups limit the previleges/access assigned to users. This is the more sensitive part. They may be distinguished throughout the forums by different colours on the usernames.
- Ranks don't affect the access rights per se. We use them to display the rank images throughout the forums, which should ideally display what highest Usergroup a user is assigned to.

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Terms of use - Forum Admin [W.I.P.] Partylife

Hope you like it' (:
Rawrplus (Skillzy)
Rawrplus (Skillzy)
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- The experienced forum user

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